Memory Box Social Channels – Look & Feel to Emulate

Target Audience

Brand (see our website for direction)

Social Images

  1. Diverse and inclusive (people of all cultures)
  2. Before we launch
    1. Tease campaign with images, maybe something like this: OV
      1. OVERSUBSCRIBED VENTURES (@oversubscribedvc) • Instagram photos and videos
  3. Reflect the above
  4. Showcase our work
    1. Photos and videos of end product
    1. Behind the scenes photos and videos
    1. Quotes pulled from videos
    1. Create a quote template reflective of the website brand 
    1. Showcase meaningful quotes from blog posts + quotes from videos & podcasts
      1. We will provide those quotes to you
  6. Pull elements from the below Instagram channels
  7. Avoid archival sepia toned photos
    1. Our competitors use them and they feel dated, non-aspirational, and non-lifestyle

Elements of Instagram Channels to Emulate